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Our free service simplifies your administration.

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Header Section

The header section is customisable including:

The main body section is completely customisable also.

Helper text can mention dates, times, locations or any other information that details your event or registration.

Labels, field types (e.g. text input, checkbox, dropdown list etc) can be selected according to your needs.

The background image can be selected from a pre-defined list or you can provide your own.

The total to pay immediately updates as information on the page changes. You can change currency (e.g. GBP, EUR, USD etc), as well specify how the total is calculated:

You can choose which payments you accept, currently we offer:

For credit card payments please see our main site for transaction fees. Note also that the transaction fees can be paid either by the yourself or the cardholder. A Stripe account must be created and linked to enable card payments.

Sign up is free on our website:

Alternatively if you have more questions you can email us at: